Banyo Physiotherapy and Exercise Centre is conveniently located next to the train station on the corner of Tufnell and St Vincent’s Road in Banyo. This clinic has a very strong history operating in Banyo for the last 25+ years assisting the local community and industries offering a variety of physio, rehabilitation and pain management related services. We have some of the most experienced physiotherapists in the industry with a wide range of specialised skills.

We welcome private physiotherapy and rehabilitation clients, WorkCover, motor vehicle accident claimants, DVA, EPC, and industry specific referrals for occupational rehabilitation, physiotherapy and pain management. We provide rehabilitation and therapy for patients suffering from various injuries and conditions including those of back, neck, shoulder and knee injury, pre and post operation conditions as well as pain due to inflammation, sprain, strain or other type of injury.

Physiotherapy at Banyo

At Banyo Physiotherapy patient and physiotherapist work closely together to ensure safe and progressive loading of the injured tissue. Offering a comprehensive physio solution, we use a combination of physiotherapy treatment techniques that are specifically tailored to meet the needs and demands of the patient's body. These techniques often include, hands on manual therapy, biomechanical technique correction, targeted exercise programs, advice and education on activity modification and adjunct therapies like dry needling to promote stimulation and tissue recovery.

Pilates at Banyo

Clinical Pilates is an exercise process that focuses on core stability, control and strength and often assists in recovery following back, shoulder and lower limb injuries. Book at reception 3267 0272.

*maximum 4 people per class, suitable for beginners, anyone with an injury or recovering from an injury, uses a mixture of equipment (appropriate for the individual)

Exercise Physiology at Banyo

Exercise physiology services at Banyo are targeted for tactical rehabilitation. Our exercise physiology programs are designed with the end target in mind, so from the onset, we have a clear path of steps in progression, recovery and expected time frames to achieve desired outcomes.

Hydrotherapy at Banyo

Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve discomfort and promote recovery process. Hydrotherapy has the ability to soothe back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, painful or inflamed muscles and joints, rehabilitate injured limbs, provide assistance with headaches as well as promote relaxation.

Occupational Rehabilitation at Banyo

Occupational functional rehabilitation benefits people with, or at risk of medical conditions or those with secondary cognitive complications that have arisen and those wanting to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the most effective ways to avoid musculoskeletal problems through empowered / active rehabilitation as well as lifestyle modification strategies.

Pain Management at Banyo

We are an integrated healthcare provider specialising in injury management, rehabilitation and pain management for those suffering from complex musculoskeletal injuries and persistent pain presentations; as well as offering multidisciplinary treatment based services incorporating acute Physiotherapy, Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Clinical Pilates and Hydrotherapy services.

Back Rehabilitation at Banyo

At Banyo Physiotherapy we frequently treat painful back conditions such as lumbar facet joint irritation, which typically occurs during excessive bending, lifting or twisting typically from traumatic or repetitive/prolonged forces. Back pain most typically is greater on one side than the other, often associated with same side hip pain. Treatment for this type includes rest and anti-inflammatory medication followed by physiotherapy and manual treatment for muscle spasm and tightness, before commencing core stability, flexibility and mobility exercises.

Neck Rehabilitation at Banyo

A common injury requiring neck rehabilitation is Whiplash - an injury typically associated with motor vehicle accidents or a severe force to the neck and upper back. Rehabilitation and treatment provided for a neck injury may include the initial use of ice and/or heat and anti-inflammatory medication. Followed by physiotherapy treatment that includes active stretching exercises, local massage therapy, postural correction, ergonomic education, de-sensitising and neck strengthening.

Shoulder Rehabilitation at Banyo

Shoulder Rehabilitation can be offered at Banyo for conditions such as the Shoulder Impingement Syndrome, when shoulder pain develops from muscular tendons or bursa being “pinched” as they pass through the space formed between joints of the clavicle and scapular. Initially treatment consists of identification of aggravating activities to ensure minimization of same; whilst addressing local inflammation with ice and anti-inflammatory medication. Physiotherapy includes local massage therapy, correction of upper torso posture reduce soft tissue tightness and ergonomic training.

Banyo Physiotherapy and Exercise Centre
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Banyo Physiotherapy and Exercise Centre Practitioners
Donna McCook – Physiotherapist | Exercise Physiologist at BanyoDonna McCook – Physiotherapist | Exercise Physiologist
Donna McCook has over 20 years of clinical experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and rehabilitation and has dual post graduate qualifications in both Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Along with acute injury management, her clinical focus is in back pain and spinal rehabilitation, and has done advanced post graduate study and research in the same area looking at muscle changes associated with injury. Through this, Donna works with a lot of pre and post operative spinal clients, and continues to have great results in stubborn back pain presentations that have failed to respond to normal treatment and care.

Donna also specialises in shoulder treatment, offering clinical diagnosis, pre and post operative care and rehabilitation, and often takes her clients through to high levels of functional fitness to return to work in heavy industries. Her background has also consisted of teaching and lecturing - nationally and internationally, having presented a range of seminars and lectures, including at international conferences over the past decade.
Joel McPhee – Physiotherapist | Exercise Physiologist at BanyoJoel McPhee – Physiotherapist | Exercise Physiologist
Joel joined Core Healthcare in 2010 as a graduate, becoming an Executive Partner in 2015. Joel brings a wealth of our knowledge and experience to our team, having worked in both private and occupational rehabilitation. Joel has a strong sport science background having worked with local, national and international sporting teams. Joel is a passionate rugby union fan supporting his home team the Highlanders where he grew up in Invercargill, New Zealand. Yes he’s a kiwi!

Joel completed a Bachelor of Physical Education (BPhEd) double majoring in Sport Science and Exercise Prescription; and a double degree in Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the Otago University in Dunedin, NZ. He also has a Masters in Physiotherapy (MPhtySt) from the University of Queensland and is an Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Joel enjoys spending time getting outdoors and keeping active with his wife and two daughters.

Clinically, Joel utilises a range of hands on techniques, and exercise rehabilitation to optimise recovery. Management of spinal, shoulder, hip and lower limb injuries are all part of his clinical skill base.

Robert Walsh - Physiotherapist at BanyoRobert Walsh - Physiotherapist
Rob’s passion for health, well-being and sport began at an early age, excelling at a variety of sports including soccer, cricket, athletics, indoor and beach volleyball. This enjoyment for sport (and sustaining a few injuries along the way!) developed into a keen area of study and eventually a career pathway. Rob graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science with Class I Honours in 2012, and subsequently a Masters of Physiotherapy Studies in 2015.

A combination of knowledge from both Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy is invaluable. It allows a multimodal approach for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Rob’s treatment ethos involves rapid clinical treatment for clinical diagnosis, decrease in pain/movement restriction and development of a long-term exercise/self -management plan. Exercise is continually being supported by research evidence as a key component in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal conditions. Movement coaching, development of progressive exercise programs tailored to your needs, coupled with advice for everyday activities and work habits are invaluable for long term management. This is especially important for return to work/sport, post-operative rehabilitation, whiplash associated disorders and overuse injuries such as tendinopathy’s, stress fractures etc.

Rob’s specific interests include cervicogenic headaches, post operative orthopedic rehabilitation (shoulders, hips, knees and ankles), management of overuse injuries of the shoulder and lower limb, whiplash associated disorders and acute sporting injuries.

As you can imagine, outside of work Rob loves being active. Regular gym, rock climbing, beach volleyball, touch football, music events and beach trips keep him very busy!
Jon O’Dwyer - Exercise Physiologist at BanyoJon O’Dwyer - Exercise Physiologist
Jonathan completed his combined bachelor of Human Movements (BAppliSci (HMS)) and Business Management (BBusMgmt) at QUT in 2005. He is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and a Tactical Strength & Conditioning Coach (TSASCA) with over 10 years of experience working in rehabilitation, athletic and normal population settings.

Jon is an integral member of Core’s injury rehabilitation team with a highly successful track record of creating and delivering effective exercise interventions for post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation, chronic disease management and industrial strengthening & work hardening for injured workers. He has rehabilitated workers from a wide variety of industrial and military occupations, ensuring their ability to confidently return to physically demanding roles.

Jon also has considerable experience as an athletic strength and conditioning coach working with elite adolescent and young adult athletes; using proven testing protocols, strength and speed & agility programs to gain the performance outcomes they need to succeed at the highest of sporting competitions.
Lisa Fox - Exercise Physiologist at BanyoLisa Fox- Exercise Physiologist

Whilst working within private physiotherapy clinics in Auckland, Lisa became interested in all types of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular rehabilitation in addition to chronic pain conditions. Lisa also has extensive experience helping patients with post breast cancer rehabilitation by utilising Clinical Pilates as an excellent mind-body exercise tool.

Lisa is an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist having graduated from The University of Auckland in 2007 with an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science and post-graduate degree in Exercise Rehabilitation. Lisa has also completed a Masters of Exercise Science in Strength and Conditioning through Edith Cowan University in 2016.

Lisa has been teaching Clinical Pilates since 2003, having trained with Polestar Pilates in NZ and Australia. This comprehensive course was specifically tailored to rehabilitation and is only available to accredited health professionals. Lisa has also attended numerous courses, workshops and conferences to continue and further her Pilates and Exercise Physiology training.
Ray Koppe - Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist at BanyoRay Koppe – Physiotherapist | Acupuncturist
Ray Koppe graduated in 1970 at the University of Queensland. With 46 years in Physiotherapy, Ray started practising at the Bundaberg General hospital where he was in charge of the hospital physiotherapy and visiting orthopaedic surgeon clinic for 3 years. Eventually entering private practice in Bundaberg, Ray was the principal Physiotherapist of a large 4 Physio practice for 10 years.

Throughout the 80’s & 90’s Ray owned two thriving private practice clinics at Noosa Heads and Tewantin where he continued to practice in general physiotherapy involving the treatment of triathletes participating in the Noosa Triathlon and local Rugby Union and Soccer teams. Ray moved to Brisbane in 2002 where he continues to work at the Banyo Physiotherapy Clinic.

Ray’s specialty is Acupuncture. With over 36 years of experience he gained qualifications in China, NZ and Australia (APA and Dr. Ian Schneidman), Grad Dip Acup. (RMIT Faculty of Chinese Medicine). Ray’s other special interests and qualifications include sports medicine, mobilisation-manipulative therapy and pain management with the use of multiple modalities.

Lawrence Townsend - Physiotherapist at BanyoLawrence Townsend – Physiotherapist
Lawrie Townsend has a BSc(physio) U Melb, MHSc(orthop.manual.therapy)NSW and PGDip.(manual. Therapy) U of WA and has a special interest in spinal and sports physiotherapy. Following graduation, he spent 2 years at Tottenham Hotspur FC & the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in London and returned to private practice in Melbourne where he was physiotherapist for Richmond and Carlton FC’s for a number of years.

As a former weightlifter, Lawrie has continued his passion for the sport and has been physiotherapist & officiated for the Australian Weightlifting Team at several Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games since 1982. Lawrie is VP of the IWF Masters and is currently Australian and Oceania Masters Champion.

Lawrie’s overriding interest is in manual therapy and he is currently a visiting academic at ACU for the last year of physiotherapy studies.