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Exercise Physiology services at Core ensure our goals are target specific and focused on the individual to achieve their optimal resolve. Our multimodal approach focuses on the holistic approach to rehabilitation. Our Exercise Physiologists are highly experienced in designing exercise programs tailored to each individual so that we can take you from the early phase of acute rehab through to full functional restoration.

Core Stability Restoration

Our providers can assist you in understanding how to regain your movement control, and then progress on to Clinical Pilates, and functional focused exercises. This might be used in an early phase of clinical rehabilitation such as following a back injury at work. Real time diagnostic ultrasound feedback is utilised through this phase to ensure we are teaching optimal core activation and stabilising exercises.

Industrial Strength Recovery programs

At Core we aim to take you from the initial early intervention stages of healing through to the workplace hardening that is Industrial Strength Recovery. Our providers are able to design a program uniquely aimed to mimic the repetitive physical requirements your individual workplace demands. We have a team of clinicians that have extensive experience in lifting and loading mechanics, strength training, manual handling and who are capable of providing the steady build from low to high lifting loads. Core stability exercises are only a small part of the recovery process. Heavy industries require their employees have the ability to tolerate and manage a heavy physical workload. Therefore, it is critical employees have every chance to return to full duties, full function and reduced risk of further injury.

Progressive Functional Restoration (Hydrotherapy and Gym)

This may initially include hydrotherapy for patients that have poor tolerance to load but need to maintain fitness and mobility then progress to land based activities as soon as tolerable. This part of the program can include progressions from Clinical Pilates and core stability moving into functional lift and load patterns. This may start with a home based exercise program and if needed, progress to a gym based program. Our own Exercise Centres allow us to undertake gym-based activities out of our own facilities or if preferred, at a gym facility conveniently located to the worker's home or workplace.
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Targeted, specific and focused exercise physiology services

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