tennis elbow painWhat is it?

Also known as Lateral Epicondylagia. A weakening or disorganisation of the common extensor tendons, often associated with inflammation.


An acute or persistent injury, or progressive, gradual injury from repetitive physical tasks.

Signs and Symptoms:

Lateral elbow pain. Worse with gripping and lifting actives and end of range flexion and extension movements of the wrist. Pain and stiffness can be worse in the morning and improve throughout the day indicative of an inflammatory process. Misdiagnosis with local muscular tear is common so ultrasound to assess is recommended if failing to respond conservatively.


Education regarding overloading of elbow. Pain relief via manual therapy and taping to unload the tendon. A graduated rehabilitation program to facilitate return to function and increased loading capacity. Bracing and splinting can help through phase of functional return.


8-12 weeks progression of strengthening and functional activity if progress is straight forward. If patients aren’t progressing as expected, cortisone injections can be of benefit in some cases.