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Core Healthcare Group March/April Newsletter

Enabling a safe return to work after Injury
Article by Senior Physiotherapist and Injury Management Advisor, Donna McCook.

For Employers of our Industrial Workforce, managing the health and safety risks in the workplace are not only a legal requirement, they are paramount for business productivity.

Early assessment, treatment and rehabilitation and rapid return to work, even if on lighter duties, is better for both Employers and Workers from both a financial and emotional standpoint.

 Like any athlete training for a specific task or sport – in a physically demanding work environment, injuries occur when we are not physically capable to withstand the stress and loads applied to the body.  We are only as strong as our weakest link(s) in our body, and over stress or through load or repetition can result in injury. At Core Healthcare, we offer a unique rehabilitation protocol that aims to replicate and reproduce the forces placed on the body during occupational tasks.

Often the rehabilitation from work injuries is simple with a short period of modified activity at work and some quality clinical treatment, but at times it can be more complex requiring specialist or surgical intervention. Even with rapid recovery, the risk for re-injury is significant. At Core Healthcare we have developed a rehabilitation program aimed at taking you from the initial early intervention stage of healing through to the workplace hardening that we call our “Industrial Rehabilitation” program.  Through the specific combination of targeted exercise integrating both physiotherapy and exercise physiology concepts, our experienced providers are able to design a program uniquely aimed to mimic the repetitive physical requirements your individual workplace demands.

Through the use of our Industry Specific Rehabilitation programs, we are able to replicate workplace tasks in a controlled setting such as a gym. We can then control and modify the forces appropriate for the stage of rehab and tolerance of the injured area. We match the progress of the individual to the return to work tolerances and certification. Our goal is for a successful recovery, but also to provide the worker with the tools to prevent further irritations / re-aggravation of the previous injury. For more information from our Core Team of Injury Management Advisors, contact us on 1300 012 273.