Core Healthcare Group Q&A

Will you bulk bill for a Medicare care plan?

Yes, if your GP has given you a Care plan, we will bill Medicare direct and you will have no out of pocket expenses.

Can I use my private health fund and what will my gap be?

Yes, you may use your health fund. Your gap is determined by the level of cover you hold with your Health Fund.

How long are the appointments?

Our standard appointments are approximately half an hour in length, these times may vary depending on the type of appointment and care required.

Do I need a referral?

As physiotherapists are first point practitioners you no longer need a GP referral. Our physiotherapists are highly qualified and experienced in diagnosing and the management of acute and chronic injuries.

What is the fee for a consultation?

Our fees are dependent on the type of service you require. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to give you an immediate quote.

What do I wear to a consultation?

We recommend you wear loose comfortable clothing. Please also bring along gym shoes or pilates socks if you are attending a gym or a pilates session.

Do you have female physiotherapists?

We have both male and female Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiotherapists across all of our locations. Please let our friendly customer service team know if you have a preference.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?

Although not required, if you have any of the following we recommend you supply the following at your first appointment: Doctor letters, imaging – CT Scans, MRI’s, XRays or Ultrasounds, if any.

I have a specific condition/injury, can you cater for that?

Yes, most certainly. Please advise our friendly customer service team and they will book your appointment with a Physiotherapist best suited to your condition.