Laura Fraser 1

Laura Fraser

After graduating Laura worked extensively as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in private practice where she acquired a special interest in Women’s Health. She incorporates a range of manual treatment techniques with individualised exercise programs including clinical pilates and hydrotherapy to improve pain and movement for many conditions.

Laura also followed her passion of working with children and families into the Education system where she specialised in paediatrics for almost 9 years. Laura worked with a multitude of different childhood conditions affecting movement in children. She focuses on achieving movement milestones in infants, developing gross motor abilities in the areas of strength, balance, coordination and ball skills in school-aged children and strength and conditioning training for teenagers. Laura also has a special interest working with children with disabilities including conditions with physical impairments to maintain range of movement and improve strength, as well as Autism Spectrum Disorder and the importance of sensory motor integration in the development of gross motor skills.

Laura graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Bachelor of Exercise Science (double degree) from Griffith University.