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Exercise Physiology services at Core are available at a number of our clinical sites. Our Exercise Physiology team is highly skilled in exercise program design for rehabilitation and health issues.

Our Exercise Physiologists will develop an exercise program for your health issues - including
- Weight loss
- Bone strengthening (osteopenia / osteoporosis)
- Diabetes management
- Balance and proprioception restoration
- Hypertension (high blood pressure)
- Back pain / core strength restoration
- Improved health and fitness profile
- Post cancer / oncology treatment energy recovery,
- Fibromyalgia fatigue management
- Pre and post natal fitness

We also can assist in improving your exercise performance or achieve your fitness goals
- Pre-season screening
- Flexibility screening and program design
- Sports performance improvement
- Core strength and stability
- Lift / load and Squat technique review
- Endurance
- Running program development
- Clinical Pilates
- Mid to late phase injury recovery
- Return to sports program
- Return to work program

Core Stability Restoration

Our exercise physiologists know how to get more out of your core.
Progressive programs can assist you to become stronger, faster and more powerful than before.
High level exercise programs specific for sports performance can be developed for either strength and conditioning requirements or for fitness / endurance through swiss ball / loaded tasks and clinical pilates.
We know the sequences, we integrate with our physiotherapists where necessary, and - we can deliver!

Whether starting at the basics following injury where your core needs to be rebuilt, or post pregnancy where you need to restore control, or following back injury - we will work out your starting point and prepare your body to recover.

Industrial Strength Recovery programs

At Core we aim to take you from the initial early intervention stages of healing through to the workplace hardening that is Industrial Strength Recovery.
Our providers are able to design a program uniquely aimed to mimic the repetitive physical requirements your individual workplace demands.
We have a team of clinicians that have extensive experience in lifting and loading mechanics, strength training, manual handling and who are capable of providing the steady build from low to high lifting loads.
Core stability exercises are only a small part of the recovery process.
Heavy industries require their employees have the ability to tolerate and manage a heavy physical workload. Therefore, it is critical employees have every chance to return to full duties, full function and reduced risk of further injury.
We pride ourselves in our delivery of heavy industry outcomes - its important to achieve your capacity in a controlled environment before you return to work.

Progressive Functional Restoration with Hydrotherapy and Gym rehabilitation

At Core, we provide integrated programs that may commence with hydrotherapy while tolerance to activity is low, and build to Clinical Pilates and then through to gym based rehabilitation.
Our own Exercise Centres allow us to undertake gym-based activities out of our own facilities or if preferred, at a gym facility conveniently located near your home or workplace.

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Targeted, specific and focused exercise physiology for health improvement and injury recovery

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