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Core Physiotherapy and Exercise is recognised as an industry leader in the treatment and management of back and neck pain, workplace injuries, post­surgical rehabilitation and the art of restoring full function after injury or accident.

At Core, patient and therapist work closely together to ensure safe and progressive loading of the injured tissue. Offering a comprehensive solution, we use a combination of physiotherapy treatment techniques that are specifically tailored to meet the needs and demands of the patient's body. These techniques often include, hands on manual therapy, biomechanical technique correction, targeted exercise programs, advice and education on activity modification and adjunct therapies like dry needling to promote stimulation and tissue recovery.

The aim of these interventions is to correct deficiencies in movement, restore appropriate function and ensure that there is no recurrence of injury. Our practitioners are leaders in the field of rehabilitation and work closely with our patients to address and correct functional deficiencies in movement patterns which are likely to hinder outcome quality.

Core Healthcare Group works closely with treating medical practitioners to ensure rapid recovery and optimal care and is the "first­-choice" rehabilitation provider for a range of spinal specialists, doctors and other health professionals.
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Working closely with medical professionals

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