Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology services at Core are available at a number of our Brisbane and Gold Coast locations. Our Exercise Physiology team is highly skilled in exercise program design for rehabilitation and health issues.

Our Exercise Physiologists will develop an exercise program which addresses:
– Weight loss and improved health and fitness
– Bone strengthening (osteopenia / osteoporosis)
– Diabetes management
– Balance and proprioception restoration
– Hypertension (high blood pressure)
– Back pain / core strength restoration
– Post cancer / oncology treatment energy recovery
– Pre and post-natal fitness

We also can assist in improving your sporting performance or achieving your fitness goals:
– Pre-season screening
– Flexibility and core stability screening and program design
– Sports performance improvement
– Lift / load and squat technique review
– Running program development
– Mid to late phase injury recovery
– Return to work and sports program

We provide integrated programs that typically commence with low-impact exercise such as hydrotherapy and mat-based exercises whilst building fitness, and then progress to Clinical Pilates and gym-based rehabilitation, dependant on your desired goals.

Core’s own exercise centres at our Brisbane and Gold Coast “Hub” locations allows access to a gym-based program out of our own facilities or if preferred, at a gym facility conveniently located near your home or workplace.

We are also pleased to advise that Core Physiotherapy is a Registered NDIS Provider at our Banyo, Beenleigh, Corinda, Mermaid Beach, Sorrento, Southport and Tugun locations. We can help you with exercise physiology services provided under the Ex Phys Pers Training Registration Group. We’re committed and focused on providing you with exceptional care to help you move towards your plan goals. If you would like to find out if you are eligible for the NDIS, or for more information please visit ndis.gov.au.

Targeted, specific and focused exercise physiology for health improvement and injury recovery.


Multiple locations across Brisbane,Logan and the Gold Coast


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