Sports & Performance

Core’s Sports Injuries & Performance Centre provides rapid physiotherapy assessment, treatment and return-to-sports rehabilitation for social, junior through to elite athletes.

We have extensive “on field” experience in a range of sports from Rugby, Basketball, Surf Life Saving, Netball, Hockey, Running and Athletics, Tennis and Racquet Sports, Cycling, Weight Lifting, Dance, and more.

Our expert Sports Physiotherapists are APA Sports Members with several being Level 1 and 2 Sport Physio-Qualified, and most are dual-qualified with Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology, or Strength and Conditioning backgrounds.

Whether you have an acute injury or just a niggling problem, we will offer a thorough assessment and provide a clear diagnosis and management plan to get you back to health as soon as is possible.

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Multiple locations across Brisbane,Logan and the Gold Coast


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