What is rehabilitation in the home?

A Rehabilitation in the home program allows you to receive care in your own home, when it’s clinically appropriate, instead of having your rehabilitation in hospital. This means more freedom to have your family, friends and pets around you, and enjoy all the things that make life more comfortable. Rehabilitation in the home may help you to feel more supported both physically and emotionally as well as reducing the strain on partners and carers. It is also more convenient, eliminating the need to travel to follow-up appointments.

After surgery, a period of rehabilitation may be required to help you recover and optimise your health and independence. Physiotherapy is a crucial part of rehabilitation after surgery.

A Physio’s role

Following a surgical procedure, your physiotherapist will carry out an assessment to understand your physical abilities and limitations. They will establish personal goals and implement a treatment plan. Your physiotherapist’s aim is to help you regain range of movement in your joints, strengthen your muscles, reduce swelling, and help restore normal movement.

  • There are a range of treatment techniques that can be used. “Hands on” treatment such as massage to help break down scar tissue and to encourage circulation to the healing area. “Hands off” treatment may include tailored exercises to help improve flexibility, strength, and balance.
  • They will teach you how to wean off any walking aids (such as zimmer frames or crutches) and teach you how to move up and down stairs correctly.
  • Your physiotherapist will provide you with a personalised rehabilitation programme to progress your recovery.

Your Physio will provide you with information, encouragement and support every step of the way.

Bupa Australia and nib health fund members:

We’ve partnered with leading private health funds Bupa Australia and nib to deliver Rehab in the Home services to eligible patients at ‘no out of pocket expense’ following total hip or knee replacement surgery, enabling them to discharge early from hospital post operatively to recover in the comfort of their home with the support of our Allied Health professionals.

If you are a Bupa or nib health fund member and wish to obtain further details or to check your eligibility for the program, please email our Community Care team info@communitycare.com.au or Phone 1300 044 222 (patients will need to provide health fund and surgery details as part of the eligibility check).