Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if your GP has given you a care plan, some of our providers are available to bulk bill Medicare direct and you will have no out of pocket expenses. There may however be a gap payment if you choose to see one of our Senior Physiotherapists or require an extended consultation. The choice is yours.

Yes, you may use your health fund. Your gap is determined by the level of cover you hold with your Health Fund.

Our Initial appointments are usually between 30-45 minutes. This will vary with the level of expertise of the Physiotherapist you are seeing. More complex problems (or multiple joint injuries) may require an extended consultation of up to 60 minutes. We find it better to take time at the initial consultation to ensure we have all the right information to customise a treatment plan that is just right for you. Our customer service team will be able to ascertain the best appointment type and practitioner for you to see – just let them know what you need.

Not if you are attending as a private patient. However you will need a referral from your doctor or specialist if you’re attending for a workplace injury, following a MVA, under a medicare plan or as a DVA patient.

Our fees are dependent on the type of service you require and the level of expertise of the treating physiotherapist. Our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to provide you with the fee for your appointment when you book.

We recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothing. Please also bring along gym shoes or pilates socks if you are attending a gym or a pilates session.

We have both male and female Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiotherapists available across our locations. Please let our friendly customer service team know if you have a preference.

Although not required, if you have any of the following please bring them along to your first appointment: Doctor’s letter, imaging – CT Scans, MRI’s, XRays or Ultrasound results or actual images if you have them available.

We recognise that there are a broad range of injury and health conditions out there, but we have a very experienced team with diverse backgrounds. Our recommendation is that you discuss your requirements with our friendly customer service team and they will book your appointment with a Physiotherapist best suited to your condition. If they are uncertain, they will ask our clinical team to ensure that we can assist you.

Exercise and Rehabilitation Programs

Click here for an example of a comprehensive exercise program set up through our digital partners at Physitrak.
For more information on our PhysioExercise classes click here.
For a free copy of our SpinePhysio & Exercise Program click here.
For a free copy of our Post-Operative Spine Rehabilitation Protocol click here.

Suffered a Sports Injury?

Click here for a free copy of our Core Sport’s Injury and Performance e-Book.

Work Injury Rehabilitation

Click here  for a free copy of our Core Injury Management e-Book.

Dealing with Chronic Pain?

Click here to enquire about an appointment with one of our pain management program coordinators.
Click here for a free copy of our e-Book “It’s Ok to Move – 4 Simple steps for overcoming Persistent Pain”.
Click here for a detailed break-down of our Pain Management programs.
Support services in the community for Pain Management can be accessed through our affiliated organisations.


For a free copy of our E-Book outlining our PhysioKids services click here.

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