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PhysioExercise Classes

Exercising Smarter, by gaining your best results without increased risk of associated injury, is our vision with Core’s PhysioExercise Classes.

In the last decade the health and fitness industry has seen the exponential rise in popularity of boot camp, cross fit and interval-training classes, largely driven by the massive increase in “qualified” personal trainers, exercise studios, gyms and health clubs.

As practicing Physiotherapists, we’ve witnessed the extent of associated injuries from such training systems, and too frequently we have clients seeking a safer form of group exercise, which still ensures progressive health and fitness results.

From April 1st 2019, the Federal Government determined that all classes undertaken under the “Pilates” banner are no longer health fund claimable. Only Physiotherapists are able to supervise individual and group exercise classes inclusive of a multitude of exercise types for health fund rebates to apply.

PhysioExercise was designed by the Senior Leadership team at Core to incorporate:

  1. All workouts into one progressive class system, ensuring each client experiences the shared training benefits of core stability, flexibility, cardiovascular and resistance exercise whilst being clinically supervised by Health Professionals.
  2. Ensuring our clients are Exercising Smarter by gaining the best results without increased risk of associated injury.

Book a class now at Banyo, Beenleigh, Mermaid, Sorrento, Tugun, Taringa.

Click here for a breakdown of our PhysioExercise Class Streams.


Multiple locations across Brisbane,Logan and the Gold Coast


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