At Core we pride ourselves on being an industry leader in South East Queensland for the management of all things Physiotherapy and Exercise.

This includes expert assessment and tailored treatment for patients suffering from acute injury, back and neck pain, sports injuries, work and motor-vehicle accidents, post-surgical rehabilitation, and chronic pain management. Treatment may include an array of techniques including:

  • Self-management education
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Acupuncture / dry needling
  • Stretches, strengthening, and stabilising exercises
  • Taping for support / bracing
  • Biomechanical assessment and correction
  • Progressive exercise programs

The aim of these interventions is to correct movement patterns, restore function, and ensure that there is minimal recurrence of injury.

Core Physiotherapy & Exercise Centres work closely with other members of your healthcare team to ensure common goal setting, rapid recovery, and optimal care. We are the “first-choice” rehabilitation provider for a range of Medical Specialists, General Practitioners, and other health professionals.

Back and Neck Pain

SpinePhysio & Exercise™ – Core’s solution to BEAT BACK PAIN!!

Have you found that weekly massages, treatments, medication, acupuncture or yoga aren’t assisting with chronic back pain?
Is back pain keeping you awake at night?
Are you considering injections, procedures or even surgery?
At Core, our Senior Physiotherapists have blended our experience and expertise to develop and refine a formula to improve your physical activity levels and help you overcome debilitating back pain.

Core’s SpinePhysio & Exercise Program starts with a Comprehensive Assessment – taking the time to ascertain what has not worked for you, where there is scope for improvement, and a plan for implementation which includes 3 key elements:

1. Customised Spine Injury Education – where we learn how to move “smarter”
2. Tailored Exercise Programs which include a specific blend of Aquatic, Core, Back Strengthening, Cardio-vascular, Gym, and Stretching exercises
3. Ergonomic Skills – integrating your exercise and new movement patterns into your daily living

Click here to book your initial SpinePhysio & Exercise Assessment with one of our Senior Physiotherapists.
Gold Coast – Drew Singleton / Greg Stewart / Joe Roberts
Brisbane – Donna McCook / Joel McPhee / Johnny Tawhara / Val Akem

**A 60-minute Extended Consultation is recommended for Initial Assessments to ensure we can get all the information we need for your presentation and create the best possible plan for you. Please discuss this with our friendly receptionist when you make your initial appointment.**

PhysioKids (TM)

Our affiliated Paediatric Physiotherapy services are available at our Bundall clinic on the Gold Coast.

PhysioKids focuses on assisting children to reach physical milestones during key stages of development throughout childhood. Through individualised Physiotherapy programs, children can be assisted with the development of the physical and cognitive skills required for learning and growth.

Physiotherapy for older children is also encouraged in the areas of fitness conditioning and exercise prescription. Additionally rehabilitation programs are available, as well as the management of congenital and musculoskeletal conditions.

Through early intervention therapy and a proactive approach, Physiotherapy enables children to reach their full physical potential.

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