SpinePhysio & Exercise™ - BEAT BACK PAIN FOREVER!

Have you found that expensive weekly massages, treatments, medication, acupuncture or yoga isn’t nipping back pain in the butt?

Do you regard yourself as careful with lifting, and strong through your abs, but still can’t sleep at night due to back pain?

Are you considering injections, procedures or even surgery because of this?

Over the past 20 years, the Senior Physiotherapists at Core have developed and refined a formula to improve physical activity and overcome debilitating back pain, ensuring fantastic outcomes for their patients!

The 3 secrets to beating back pain forever have been developed and implemented through Core’s SpinePhysio & Exercise Program:
  1. Spine Injury Education - Your plan to manage it
  2. Tailored Exercise Programs - A specific blend of Aquatic + Core + Cardio + Gym + Stretch Exercises
  3. Ergonomic Skills - For Activities of Daily Living

Book your initial SpinePhysio & Exercise Assessment with a Senior Physiotherapist by calling 1300 012 273 or direct message us through Facebook at facebook.com/spinephysioexercise

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SpinePhysio & Exercise™

Beat Back Pain Forever!