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Spinal Work Injury Triage Clinic

The secrets of Early Intervention through rapid assessment and management are well known in the medical community. With injuries sustained at work or through motor-vehicle accidents, same management can often be impeded due to delays associated with compensatory/employer processes. In effect, this can compound the likelihood of best patient outcomes with regards to recovery and durable and meaningful Return to Work.

To mitigate these factors, our Spinal Work Injury Triage clinic was developed in partnership with some of South East Queensland's leading Spinal Surgeons. For the last 3 years we have been running the clinic on the Gold Coast in combination with Dr Neil Cleaver, Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon at Pacific Private Hospital. In 2014, this was expanded to run concurrently from our Core Beenleigh operations. Dr Peter Lucas, Neurosurgeon integrated the same framework into both his Brisbane Private and Bayside rooms in 2015.

Since its inception, we have assessed and managed over 350 injured workers. Our program aims to have screened the majority of patients to ensure specialist review around 4-6 weeks post initial injury, and ideally within 2-3 weeks of GP referral. Consequently, proposed interventions including surgery a​nd ​r ehabilitation programs (where appropriate) are more likely to be successful given the minimisation of secondary overlay factors including yellow (psychosocial), blue (industrial), and black flags (compensation/legal factors).

From our own analysis, ​to date we have also achieved an 92% return to work rate with same patients, which has ensured benefits from the process are being shared between both the injured worker, the relevant employer and insurer.
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Early intervention through rapid assessment

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