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Our primary service at our clinical sites is Physiotherapy.

We treat a broad range of conditions from strains and sprains, to fractures, to sports injuries, to back or neck strains, to shoulder and hip injuries, to osteoarthritic hips and knees, to pre and post op recovery. And more.

We also have Exercise Physiology, Clinical Pilates run by Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologist, Physio Kids - our Paediatric Physiotherapy Service, our Sports Injury Clinics (including team / club coverage and Saturday Morning Clinics across multiple sites), and our Spine Physio program run by our Senior Physiotherapists in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. For more information - See the links to the right.

Our Physiotherapy and Exercise sessions are highly integrated. Its a natural fit- and we pride ourselves with our expertise in injury rehabilitation and health recovery with both services under one roof. Not everyone needs an extensive exercise program following their injury - but if you do - we are ready and able to help.

Our Clinical Physiotherapists can take you all the way from day 1 post injury through to late phase rehab when you are ready to return to work / sports / things in life that are important to you.

We will integrate with our rehab team including our Exercise Physiologists and Clinical Pilates instructors to assist you on your journey - if and when needed.

Your program once your ready to rehab may include simple home exercises or may include - hydrotherapy, Clinical Pilates, Gym based Rehabilitation, Manual Handling and Advanced Strength and Conditioning Programs.

Whatever you need - Its going to be customised for you.

We have got you covered!

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