February 16, 2019
Posture and Exercises for Neck pain and Headaches
February 28, 2019

THE CORE AND THE CORSET – one and the same?

lumbar facet joint irritation, back pain physiotherapyCore Weakness

Core muscle weakness is often touted to be a key cause of lower back pain – (often Transversus Abdominus being targeted as the primary issue). While this is often present, there is also another key side to the spine –the back muscles. They are right there next to the spine. The focus right there next to the spine also is a critical element in back pain recovery – and yet is frequently overlooked.

Stability via the Internal Laces

If you liken the stabilization of the spine to a corset type brace, the specificity of stability and control comes not only the firmness of the support (the abdominal muscle tone), but also from the tying and tensioning of the laces. The “laces of the spine” are deep paraspinal muscles (the multifidi). There is clear scientific evidence to indicate that these deep paraspinal muscles don’t recover spontaneously following a back injury. These muscles also require specific exercises to reactivate – just like the deeper abdominal muscles.

Back Strain and Weakness

If you have strained your back, blown a disc, or worse, and you are finding your back muscles are continuing to feel tired and tense all of the time, and maybe your pain is still niggling and present – these deep back muscles may require some specific attention. It is likely the top layer is being overloaded and not working together with the other muscles in the area as efficiently as they could. Massage is not going to fix the problem more than a day or two, neither is any other treatment source unless you are looking for a bit of relief.
My solution? Get to the source and strengthening them if they are weak.

But my Back Muscles just need a good massage…

The question should always be – why are they so tense and tired? What is it about your biomechanics that is causing those muscles to become so exhausted? How can this be changed? What are my back exercises that my physiotherapist gave me? Did they give me any at all?

Need some help?

Think this might be you? Book in and talk to one of our CORE Physiotherapists and try and get to the source of the issue.

Donna McCook – Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist and one of our Exec Directors at CORE has over 25 years of clinical experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and works extensively in the area of Back and Shoulder Pain Treatment and Rehabilitation. Donna is available for appointments at our Corinda, Banyo and Beenleigh clinical sites. Read more about Donna McCook and the rest of our team here.