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What is Hip Impingement?

Hip impingement (or femero-acetabular impingement) is a condition where extra bone has grown on one or both of the bones that form your hip joint. This leads to repeated irregular rubbing of these bones particularly during running and jumping and eventually results in hip pain and inflammation.

What does it feel like?

Aching and occasional catching pain felt typically in your groin and front/inside of your hip. Can also be felt deep in the buttock and be associated with deep hip catching and clicking. Your hip may feel hip weakness and stiffness moving.

When do you feel it?

Normally felt during and after high impact or twisting activity such as running, golf, AFL or ballet. Can also be felt sitting in low chairs where your hips are in a more bent or flexed position.

How can Physio help Hip Impingement?

  • Pain-relieving and joint mobility interventions including soft tissue release, joint mobilisation and dry needling
  • Advice on day-to-day adjustments and activity alterations to help reduce your pain
  • Provision of an individualised rehab program to improve your movement, strength and endurance.
  • Expert guidance on a gradual and safe return to sport or desired activity.

What are the treatment options?

  • Physiotherapy: Expert advice and provision of a management plan which includes hands-on therapy and strengthening exercise program.
  • Sports Physician/Specialist – Possible local injection into the joint and scans to determine the need for possible surgery if symptoms are not improving with Physiotherapy.

This condition is particularly important to catch early. Late diagnosis or intervention whilst still participating in sports/running can lead to irreversible damage to the hip joint and early osteoarthritis.

If you need help with pain or immobility to get you moving again, or need a tailored exercise program, book in for your treatment now with one of our exercise, physio, or pain specialists via 1300 012 273 or head to our website and book a session at your nearest clinic.