physiotherapy for severe neck painWhat is it?

A self-limiting condition characterized by severe, single sided neck pain and reduced movement.


May be related to inflammation of two discrete neck structures, intervertebral discs or facet joints:

A locked facet joint after a sudden quick movement,

Irritation to a disc after sleeping in an awkward position.

Signs & Symptoms:

Sudden onset neck pain and spasm associated with severe reduction in movement.


Fortunately, wry neck typically recovers in a few days to a week with manual treatment, dry needling and ultrasound to reduce pain, alleviate muscle spasm and normalise joint range of motion. Postural retraining and motor control exercises should be performed as soon as tolerated.


Neck pain is a major contributor to disability worldwide, with about 70% of the population experiencing an episode of neck pain at some time in their lives. Full recovery often depends on which structures were the initial cause of symptoms.