pinched muscular tendons requiring physiotherapyWhat is it?

Significant Shoulder Pain develops when muscular tendons or bursa are “pinched” as they pass through the space formed between joints of the clavicle and scapular.


Repetitive movements causing strains, irregular shaped clavicles, arthritic shoulder joints; poor upper torso posture; “winged scapula”; and following shoulder dislocation.

Signs & Symptoms:

Swelling and damage to the tendons occurs initially causing central shoulder pain, loss of certain shoulder elevation and rotational movements, loss of upper limb strength.


Initially treatment consists of identification of aggravating activities to ensure minimization of same; whilst addressing local inflammation with ice and anti-inflammatory medication. Physiotherapy includes local massage therapy, correction of upper torso posture reduce soft tissue tightness and ergonomic training.


Shoulder Impingement has good prognosis when diagnosed early, with progressive improvement possible within 4 to 6 weeks. Longer time frames are more likely associated with arthritis, or continued postures or movements promoting tissue irritation.