Physiotherapy Logan

How should you feel after a physiotherapy consultation?

At a physiotherapy consultation, our goal first and foremost is to ensure all our patients get the best and most successful outcome relating to their injury concerns.

The long term goal of any physiotherapy treatment plan is to help you, the patient, achieve your ultimate goal, whether that be short term pain relief or reducing the chance of future flare-ups.

For new and acute injuries the first few physiotherapy consults will focus on getting a clear picture of what’s causing the pain, and providing some hands-on treatment for relief of inflammation, muscle spasms and joint stiffness, which will help reduce pain levels.

This treatment can sometimes be quite sensitive especially when there is fresh inflammation and tissue damage related to the injury, but this should ease quickly and is often necessary to help improve the function of the injured area.

It is often common to also feel soreness for a day or two following treatment, and at times the pain may still exist even if it is hopefully less intense. This is part of the healing process and restoring normal movement patterns as well as joint and muscle function.

In some cases redness and bruising on the skin can also become evident following gentle treatment techniques such as soft tissue massage, or following treatments such as dry needling. This redness should fade within a few hours following the treatment and is often a sign of progressive tissue healing. 

Your physiotherapist will let you know at the time of your appointment what else you can be doing to help get the most out of your treatment session.

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