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As technology improves, how we track our health and habits is increasingly present in our everyday lives. Our population, though not perfect, is generally becoming more interested in health and fitness, and overall wellness, and the fitness industry is delivering with ever more innovation and personalisation of fitness. At Core, we like to keep abreast of what’s up and coming as we’re vested in offering our clients unique and personalised programs. It’s important to note though, that you need to Exercise Smart – gain the best results without increased risk of associated injury. It’s always best to speak with a professional before embarking on a new fitness routine. 

There are many trends that will drive our experience of the fitness industry into the new year, and the new decade. Here’s some fitness trends to watch out for in 2020:

Group Training

Although group training is already an established trend, we can see it continuing to boom in 2020. Its popularity comes down to a multitude of factors, including the social enjoyment and fulfillment that comes with it, and the cost reduction when compared with one-on-one training. And it’s cross-generational – multitudes of people are seeing the benefits of dragging their friends to their local gym on a Saturday morning before brunch, or to a calming Sunday morning yoga or pilates session before the farmers market. We see group training sticking around for a long while to come, however remember to exercise smart! 

If you’re new to exercise we recommend having an assessment with a Physio first, to help you set goals that are achievable and suitable to your current health and lifestyle, without increasing your risk of injury. We don’t want you to be a statistic! If you’re interested in Group Exercise, take a look at what we have on offer. 

Weight Training and At-Home Workouts

Weight training has seen a recent boom since Instagram grew in popularity. In particular, women have recently found the benefits of weight training to be extremely beneficial and are incorporating more weight training into their fitness schedule. Whether for muscle maintenance in ageing, health benefits such as stamina and cognitive function, or just purely physique outcomes, people are learning that good strength training can make a world of difference to their bodies and minds. Understanding proper technique, lifting an appropriate amount of weight and resting between weight training sessions is recommended.   

It can be anxiety-inducing for many people to face entering a gym, particularly large ones that are usually chock-full of people at peak times. There are alternatives! With a structured and suitable workout routine more and more people have access to quality exercise routines they can perform in the comfort of their own home. Ask us about our personalised gym/exercise programs [email protected] 

Mindfulness and Meditation

Not only is body health and fitness important, it’s also vital to keep our brains healthy. We’re seeing a huge increase in mindfulness techniques and meditation, and we see this being a big part of the wellness industry in 2020. We’re seeing techniques such as meditation during yoga and breathing techniques often used in place of traditional exercising when people feel they need some R&R. The popular Headspace app is delivering quality guided meditation and relaxation techniques to users to teach mindfulness and how to ensure quality sleep and downtime for the mind. Mental health is crucial to living your best life so it’s important to tackle it not only through physical training and endorphin raising but also through meditation, mindfulness techniques, and professional treatment if needed.

Wellness and Intuitive Eating/Training

Listening to your body is the new spandex. Intuitive eating is a buzzword that has been popping up everywhere in the fitness sphere, and we’re seeing it applied in many contexts: the idea of letting go of rules and working out for the physical benefits, rather than superficial reasons, are promoted as the new way to get your goal body (spoiler, you already have it!). The wellness industry, with the likes of personalities such as Jameela Jamil, are working to de-stigmatise larger bodies, and are encouraging everyone to do what’s best for them: eat intuitively, move freely, be happy. 

App Trainers and Assistants

Much like the influence of Instagram on strength training, we’re seeing working apps helping to guide and educate people through their workouts, and encouraging everyone to get their body moving. Nike released the first version of their Nike Run app in 2010, but in 2019 it saw a huge boom in use as its interface improved and the technology became more useful. Nike Run is a database of guided runs with voice coaches taking you through long, fast, recovery and fun runs with ease. And there’s plenty more: the FitBit devices and App program are increasingly popular, many Instagram influencers are developing training and nutrition apps, and the popular fun-run app “Zombies, Run!” continues to please audiences with its quirky apocalyptic games.

What are you going to try in 2020? It’s important to always keep moving and try new activities to keep your body and mind active. Currently, 57% of adults don’t exercise enough to meet the recommended guidelines. Make 2020 your year, and try out a new sport or exercise class! 

If you need help with pain or immobility to get you moving again, or need a tailored exercise program, book in for your treatment now with one of our exercise, physio, or pain specialists via 1300 012 273 or head to our website and book a session at your nearest clinic.