hamstring tear requiring physiotherapy treatmentWhat is it?

Repeated strains or tears in one or several muscles in the back of the thigh generally from a rapid contraction or violent stretch.


Muscular weakness or imbalance. Poor posture, lower back pain, fatigue and decreased flexibility also increase predisposition, and often felt during a sudden acceleration/deceleration movement.

Signs & Symptoms:

At the time of injury often a sudden sharp pain with associated “popping” or tearing may be felt. Tightness, weakness and reduced range of motion are often reported initially. Swelling and bruising can appear later at and below the injury site.


Early assessment is required to confirm diagnosis and differentiate from injuries to surrounding regions including lumbar spine referral. RICE and activity modification initially with taping or compression is valuable. A progressive stretching and strengthening program can then be devised dependent on severity.


Dependent on severity of injury and recurrence frequency. Each acute episode may take from 2 – 4 weeks to recover. More severe injury and recurrent injury rehabilitation may take up to 6-9 months.